Muay Thai

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I started training martial arts when I was 5. I was in an after school karate program. I always loved martial arts based movies and cartoons and so training like my idols was to a young Matt a dream come true! I continued to train through my teens eventually obtaining a Shodan (Blackbelt) in Goju Ryu Karate do. When I graduated high school I decided to explore more martial arts and flew to China to train various style of martial arts for 5 weeks. During this trip, I knew that martial arts would always be a part of my life. My love of the arts has taken me around Asia to explore different disciplines. My travels took me though China, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Japan and Thailand. Over the years, thirsty for knowledge I dabbled in many arts; Arnis, Iaido, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jujitsu and many others. I discovered a love for Filipino martial arts representing Canada twice at the Filipino Martial Arts festival on my last trip earning my TagaAkay (Third Brown Belt). At the age of 21, I was looking for a way to test myself in competition. That’s when I discovered Muay Thai. I feel in love with this art, unlike any other I’d ever loved before. Decided to quit my job and take a fight in Thailand. Despite breaking my shin in my fight, I managed to win. Upon my return home I was unsure what I was coming home too. I had no job, just this newly confirmed passion for Muay Thai. While training at a local gym, was asked to teach Muay Thai and the rest is history. Since I’ve began teaching over the last 4 years I’ve become twice the fighter, and ten times the coach, teacher and martial artist.