For those looking to succeed.

For those looking to succeed.

It sounds a little obvious, but to succeed at anything, it’s important to know where you are going, i.e. what you are going to be Legendary at. Find your path, your passion. In short, have a Vision.

Take some time to meditate and ask yourself, where do I want to be 5, 10, 20 years from now. Visualize it, see yourself there. Ask yourself the hard questions: this vision, this dream, am I willing to sacrifice for it? How much?

From there, work backward, for example:

  • Dream - to become a World Champion 
  • Need to train for a minimum of 16 hours a week minimum for 6 months to get there. Training with different schools, partners to get better. 
  • Get black belt 1st Dan - Need to spend at least 6 hours a week training to get your first Dan. You’ll need to train for at least 360 hours. That’s 60 weeks, that’s one year plus of training. 
  • Start training - Need to find the right school, the right program, do your research. Start training! 

Once you have your vision, don’t take no for an answer. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t doubt yourself. During difficult times, see yourself achieving your vision. Many people will tell you it’s crazy, not worth it, etc. Ignore them, the best proof is your success!!! Don’t waste your time and energy on the Negative Nellies. 

Work on your dream, on your Vision. Prioritize your time on your dream. If you waste time on anything else, it's time lost. Everything you do has to focus on your dream! Every decision you make has to take you one step closer to your dream. 

Don’t worry about failing, we ALL fail. Learn from your failures and get back to working on your dream. 

To help find your vision, and stay focused on it, speak with a life coach professional. They are key in helping athletes understand themselves, find what drives and motivates them, and discover what’s holding them back. You can find great tips from professionals like Miriam Guevara at Blog – Miriam Guevara.

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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.