After School Program


Limitless Martial Arts provides an After School Program where individuals from the ages of four and up learn the art of Taekwon-do. As individuals progress through the martial arts curriculum, you will see the development of physical strength, discipline and respect, self-confidence, and reduced stress.

Our program is catered towards students who are actively enrolled in Grade 1 and up. Our After School Program is currently  only offered at our Mississauga Location.


After School Program Includes:

  • Taekwon-do classes
  • Pickup and transportation from school
  • Full day on Professional Activity (P.A.) days
  • Pickup on early release days 
  • Study and homework support
  • All new students must have a uniform for their daily martial arts classes. A cubby is provided to each student where they can keep their uniforms throughout the week. All uniforms must be taken home on Friday to be washed and then brought back on Monday.


  • All tuitions are paid MONTHLY.
  • Costs include transportation to our facility and Taekwon-do classes.
  • Tuition is pro-rated for Christmas vacation and March Break.





1. What does my child(ren) do during your After School Program?

The main focus of our ASP is to educate children on the art of Taekwon-do. We do this by grouping our students by age in order to provide the attention needed for each group. Depending on which age group your child is in, we rotate the groups between two activities which is – a fun and rigorous Taekwon-do class OR a relaxing free time where they can replenish themselves with snacks and leisurely activities.

2. What curriculum does your After School Program provide?

Our ASP is a martial art based curriculum. We believe it is important for our children to learn about character development through the art of Taekwon-do. Here they will learn things like respect, focus, discipline, and leadership. By developing good character, we believe our students will be able to make quality choices in and out of our facility.

3. Do you guys provide an academic curriculum in your program?

Our ASP is not an academic-based curriculum. But we do offer time in our program where our students can independently complete their homework. If children ever need help with homework, supervising staff may assist them if necessary. If parents would like their child to complete their homework during leisure time, staff will encourage their student to complete their schoolwork before participating in open-ended activities (toys, TV, games, etc.).

4. What do the children do during ‘Leisure Time’?

Leisure time is a portion of the program where our students are able to replenish themselves from their Taekwon-do class. They may choose to have snack, watch entertaining television shows, get a head start on homework, or socialize with their peers.

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