Our taekwon-do program, lead by Sabum F. Buen, offers students a well balanced training of both traditional martial arts and sport taekwondo. We are under the International Taekwond-do Federation and offer the traditional Chang-On Tul/Pattern forms. Our National Governing Body (NGB) in Canada is under the Canadian International Taekwondo Federation (CTFI).

Taekwondo offers specialized distance striking. This training regimen develops confidence in range, timing, accuracy and efficiency in the combative sport arena. From a traditional practice, students will learn taekwondo forms (AKA Tul), which embraces Korean culture and heritage. Students in the taekwondo program will undoubtably become more discipline respectful and confident in themselves.

Our taekwon-do program has multiple instructors; Sabum F. Buen 5 th Degree Black Belt, SanDan A. Contrereas 3 rd Dan, San Dan L. Declarador 3 rd Dan, Bo-Sabum J. Ha 2 nd Dan, with over 25 years of experience. All our instructors are regularly training and are regularly upgrading their teaching and coaching certification under our NGB.