Martial Arts Training in the Summer - Don't believe the hype?

Martial Arts Training in the Summer - Don't believe the hype?

This past year and a half has been quite different in many aspects, some positive, some, not so much.

However, summer is finally here, and many places are beginning to open back up slowly, or at least plan to do so.  This is something positive to look forward to, both for adults and kids!

A great way to kick off this summer is to enroll in a summer program or sport. Martial Arts are a great way to start a life-changing journey.

Some may feel conflicted about scheduling activities during the summer months, but after this past year, it should be quite the contrary.

For anyone looking to succeed, it’s very beneficial to train year-round. We understand the desire to take a break from normal activities, but this past year has been anything but normal.

People that continue training over the summer will have an easier transition in the fall when regular activities resume. They will have spent the summer making goals and pushing limits to accomplish them in a fun and dynamic way. This ambition and work ethic will carry over into academics and/or careers, and they will begin the fall feeling focused, motivated, and driven.

For younger children that haven’t started elementary school, martial arts classes will give them experience with student-teacher interactions and learning in a group environment. Martial Arts also allow them to socialize and interact with others within a structured class setting. 

In September, folks that did not do mentally stimulating activities over the summer months will experience brain fatigue, similar to the muscle fatigue athletes experience after a long break in training. It will feel difficult to pay attention during daily activities and their brain will feel sluggish. 

With summer training, students will be continually learning new techniques, and engage in physical activity which is proven to benefit brain health.  

Without fun and structured activities, adults and kids can lose out on the peer interaction and positive reinforcement Martial Arts can provide. Continued training allows students to work hard to develop their skills and physical conditioning in an objective, observable way.  Students will see their efforts yield results while having their classmates and teachers encourage them. This environment will help students begin the fall with increased self-confidence and the knowledge that they can achieve their goals through hard work.

A two-month break in training may not seem like a long time, but for a Martial Arts student looking to reach the next rank, it can cause a huge delay in their progress.

Taking the whole summer off will lead to decreased cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and muscle memory. When training resumes, students can feel discouraged when they see they’ve fallen behind which can impact their self-confidence.

It can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks for students to work themselves back up to the level they were at before the summer, so it’s easy to see how summer break can slow a student’s progression. Catching up to peers can be even more daunting.

Tournament season for the open martial arts circuit begins early in the fall. For the 2021 - 2021 season, the first tournaments will take place in September, which doesn’t give students a lot of time to prepare.

Tournaments are an opportunity for all martial artists to test their skills against their peers from all over the world, and every competitor is there to do their absolute best. 

Summer training isn’t mandatory and shouldn’t feel like an obligation or chore. If you enjoy training at your school, it should just be like working out and hanging out with friends. Spending your summer with peers that share your focus, determination, and passion for martial arts will help you stay mentally and physically healthy and ready to tackle any challenges you might face.

Join up with a school that has a seasoned and developed hybrid program, where you can train remote or on-premise. That way, even if you decide to travel, you can still get your training in with your peers.

Finally, come check out our summer special at Limitless Martial Arts Inc.  We offer a great online Martial Arts Training program called Tactica Online, as well a Hybrid model (on-prem + online) as well as our proven on-premise model.

We are Changing the Training Paradigm and are the right school, the right program, the right team to help you succeed.