The Saboteur...

The Saboteur...

Physical activity is important for weight loss 🏃️, but it can't run on a bad diet🍟

I used to exercise a lot when I was getting ready to participate in the Tae Kwon-Do World Championships, which consisted of 16 hours a week of training, including jogging, patterns training, and sparring.

I was driven by misleading information about “calories in, calories out”. 

I was eating healthy foods 🥗

I was taking my supplements 💊

I was exercising a lot but was still struggling with my weight 🏊️. 

If I would lose a few pounds, I would gain them back over the weekend.

In my 30’s I remember that if my pants were too tight, “a few workouts” 🏃would fix it. In my case (we are all different) this tactic stopped working in my mid 40’s, and I couldn’t understand why 🤔

Funny thing is that I knew what to do, but I was living with a saboteur in my head 😈 who would say things like “let's have this cookie today, and tomorrow we’ll work out a little harder or longer”. My saboteur would also say things like “I have a lot of things to do today and just don’t have time, but “tomorrow” I’ll make up for it.

I am not sure about you, but Ruffles are my favorite potato chips. I would only grab a handful, but then I couldn’t stop myself from eating more and more until the whole bag was gone, especially while watching a movie with my family.

Sometimes I would wonder how I could be training so hard to succeed at the World Championships, but just couldn’t lose the weight. I can be very strict with myself, but when it comes to Ruffles, I just can’t help myself. 😋😋😋

So, life kept going and year after year I started to gain 1 pound over the weekend, another 2 pounds on Thanksgiving, another few while on vacations, some more at Christmas, etc.

When I started my weight loss journey last November, the first thing that I realized was that I was eating too much! Regardless of whether it was the good stuff and yes, some bad stuff too. By reducing the amount of food I ate, and changing up my meals (Monday to Friday mostly vegetarian, and some meats over the weekend), I have regained control and lost the weight I had been struggling with for some time. I’ve also kept up with my exercise routine and feel great!

So, what story does your mind keep telling you to convince you that you don’t need to change? That you are doing alright? But actually, keeps you stuck?

If you need help getting started, speak with a life coach professional. They are key in helping athletes understand themselves, find what drives and motivates them, and discover what’s holding them back. You can find great tips from professionals like Miriam Guevara at

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