Muay Thai & Kickboxing Martial Arts

In our Muay Thai & Kickboxing Martial Arts program, we provide an environment & learning experience suited for all levels. Starting from beginner children ages 5-11, to beginner & competitive teens starting ages 12-16, all the way up to beginner & full contact competitive adults. You can expect to learn everything from beginner fundamentals, striking, fitness & movement to High Level Advanced Competition fitness training, advanced striking techniques, sparring & practical use.
Classes will be taught by Coach Fredie Buen & Poo Choi Kru Brandon Maille.
Coach Brandon started his training at Training Grounds Muay Thai Academy, under Kru Brian Edward’s and has been training Muay Thai for 10+ years. Coach Brandon has competed at Regional, Provincial and National levels & still currently competes. While creating a safe and respectful place for all ages to come and start their lifestyle & journey in martial arts. We also provide teens & adults with a full contact competitive training opportunity to compete under WAKO Kickboxing, which can provide a road to the Olympics & even a Pro career.